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International Forwarding We provide a one-stop solution that will greatly satisfy the needs of the customer.

Furukawa Unyu offers full menu of multi-modal forwarding service between Japan and Russia/CIS/Mongolia/China.Also we handle the transportation to Asia/Europe/North America and deliver to the door of our client in the fastest and most efficient way.

Ocean Freight Service

In cooperation with the shipping company (container ship/ conventional ship) , we offer a service that can meet your needs.

Air Freight Service

We offer a service that can meet your needs in a variety of services from packing at the time of loading to storage and customs clearance.


  • Delivery to Russia and CIS

  • Delivery to China

  • Delivery to Mongolia

  • Delivery to Myanmar, India

  • Delivery to Southeast Asia

  • Transportation of Construction Machinery

  • Transportation to Japan (Import)


Commonwealth of Independent States

CIS is the Union of the Nations consisting of 12 different countries except Baltic countries having been affiliated to the ex-Soviet Union. Headquarters is located in Belarus capital of Minsk .
Turkmenistan, Ukraine are associate member states in fact due to refusal to fulfill the duties as official member. After the South Ossetia’s struggle in August 2008, Georgia withdrew from CIS.
Also because of the Crimean crisis in 2014 Ukraine withdrew from CIS.Now 9 countries are the members of this union.

Member nation 1991

  • UZBEKISTAN(Visiting participating nation)
  • MOLDOVA (Visiting participating nation)
  • TURKMENISTAN (It shifted to the visiting participating nation in 1994. )

Member nation 1993

  • GEORGIA (2008 Secede)

Transportation of China and CIS countries.

Launching China Land bridge services.
China Land bridge, the combined transport services (hereinafter referred to as ”CLB”) was launched by liking Chinese Railways with Kazakhstan Railways in 1992. The Railway transport start from Lianyungang Port in Jingsu, China as the origin railhead by Chinese Railways to Druzhba in Kazakhstan, then further on-forwarded to the Central Asian destination stations through Kazakhstan Railways. This route is very attractive as a combined transport and most of the Central Asian bound cargoes are transported through this CLB route. Chinese government has developed infrastructure of the Lianyungang port, expanding the terminal, adding more efficiency in handling the containers or modernization of the lifting equipments etc., then made the CLB more attractive. Nowadays, we can use not only Lianyungang port but also Xingan, Qindao and Shanghai as origin railway heads having direct railway link to CLB in the hinterland of each port and these ports are concluding economic partnership with Central Asian countries.

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