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Furukawa Unyu, since the independence and the foundation in 1963 from Furukawa (former Furukawa Mining ) `s transport department of the chemical products sector , developed as a logistics department of the Furukawa Group companies , by the current 8 domestic bases of network we provide domestic and international logistics solutions

We have delivered wide variety of products of group companies such as rock drill products , heavy machinery , UNIC product , pump products , industrial machinery , copper , chemical products , steel products , chemical products and electronic components.

We think that, there is the logistics know-how that has been accumulated over many years .We are proud to have been safely delivered products of all kind packing in accordance with the demand of our clients, we have gotten evaluation from both the group companies and external shippers .

Currently, we are promoting to expand global response capabilities, be admitted to JIFFA to expand the range of freight forwarding business , we strengthened to build a partnership with leading forwarders and shipping companies ,warehouse ,packaging companies. Thereby we will enhance the participation in the group companies for their global expansion, we also provide the logistics know-how to the external shippers.

Finally, the Furukawa Company Group has a wealth of mine development and other technologies that underpin our social foundation. By advancing these technologies and always embracing a spirit of challenge, we will remain indispensible to society. To demonstrate our Management Philosophy, we will practice our Philosophy of Innovation, Creativity, and Harmony.

As a Global Logistics Partner chosen and trusted by customers who operate globally, all of the officers and employees at Furukawa Unyu will continue to work together to provide highly value-added logistics services for the prosperity of society as a whole.

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